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A Collection Of Personal Poetry by
Eman Abdullah M. Abd El Hameed

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"Echos of the Heartby

Professor Eman Abdullah M. Abd El Hameed, is a collection of thought-provoking and relatable poetry that will resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds.

  • The poems in this book are written in simple, easy-to-understand language, making them accessible to anyone who loves poetry.

  • The themes of love, loss, and longing are explored in a way that is both honest and relatable.

  • With vivid imagery and evocative language, these poems will take you on a journey through the human experience, providing solace in times of pain and inspiration in times of joy.

  • Whether you're a seasoned poetry reader or new to the genre, "Echos of the Heart" is a book that will speak to your heart.

In The Press

"In this poetry book, the author bares their soul, sharing personal experiences and emotions that deeply resonate. It's a captivating collection that beautifully captures the essence of human connections and emotions, leaving a lasting impression."

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As the author of this book, I am embarking on a journey of self-discovery through my writing. My poems explore the struggles and experiences that have shaped my perspective and identity. I am a 55-year-old English teacher with a passion for poetry, and I have experienced a range of challenges and emotions in my life.

  • Through my writing, I want to share my insights and emotions with my readers.

  • I have a wealth of material to draw from for my poems, and my age and profession bring a unique perspective and depth of knowledge to my writing. In my poems.

  • I explore themes of love, loss, growth, resilience, and the search for meaning and purpose.

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